How the People Are Governed in Andorra

Within the time of the good emperor Charlemagne, greater than a thousand years in the past, the Andorrans helped him battle the Moors, the Mohammedan individuals from North Africa who have been making an attempt to invade France. As a reward Charlemagne allowed the Andorrans to manipulate themselves.

In the present day, as for greater than 600 years, the federal government of Andorra is meant to be supervised by the French authorities and by the Bishop of Urgel in Spain, however they by no means actually intervene with andorra residency authorities. Every year the Andorrans do ship a small reward of cash to the French authorities and to the bishop, fairly as a matter of customized. Andorra has a council of twenty-four males, who’re elected each 4 years. Twice a 12 months they meet, wearing the identical costumes that Andorrans wore tons of of years in the past.

The federal government will get its cash by promoting postage stamps, auto-mobile licenses, and electrical energy to gentle individuals’s homes. There is just one movie show in the complete nation. Till 1933, solely the heads of households may vote, however now all males vote. Andorra has no military, and has by no means had a warfare.

The nation is split into six communities or parishes, and there’s a patrol of 5 armed males who act because the police amongst all of them. Since World Struggle I, many trendy merchandise have come to be bought in Andorra, and vacationers have been attracted there. This has made Andorra considerably extra trendy than it as soon as was, although it has not modified an excellent deal.

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